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Scott B. Haines

dafabet casino review began as a small family business over a half-century ago. Today, we are a dynamic group of vertically integrated companies providing complete heavy civil contracting and construction materials solutions with safety, speed, quality, efficiency, and value.

While embracing the legacy of H&K as our founders envisioned it, our new generation of family leadership is also committed to refining our corporate goals and focusing intently on the future. With contemporary vision, strategy and a keen eye on technology and innovation, we continue to pioneer new processes and set new industry standards that consistently exceed our client’s most demanding project expectations.  

Here at H&K, we live and work by a value system that places accountability, quality and integrity above all other business practices and principles. In so doing, we have built a company culture that creates exceptional products and services while remaining socially responsible, ethical, and fair in all that we do. This has created a code of trust that is unrivaled in our industry - not only between H&K's customers and clients, and the communities in which we operate, but between the company and our valued employees as well.  

While H&K is large in capability, strength, experience, and value, we are unique in our ability to remain hands-on, engaged, and local in the way we conduct business. This, we believe, is the H&K Difference.

Welcome, and prepare to experience MORE. 

Scott B. Haines

President and Chief Executive Officer
H&K Group, Inc.




Today’s heavy civil construction, dafabet app login building and site development marketplace demands smooth and efficient supply chain, lowest delivered cost, and ready access to the decision makers that control project success and completion. Our customers and clients understand these metrics, and they consistently look to H&K Group, Inc. for the quality products and services they need - because we are exactly where they need us to be.

Since 1968, we have been developing and refining our business footprint to strategically serve eastern Pennsylvania and adjoining three-state region. From construction and building materials to heavy civil construction services that provide key support to the site/land development, demolition, transportation, solid waste, design-build, and environmental needs of our region, no one in our business sector offers MORE than H&K

Please utilize this website to explore the many facets of H&K! 




2018 marked a half-century of continuous operations and business excellence for H&K Group, Inc. Founded in 1968 as Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc., our story is one that captures the essence of the American Dream; one man, a CAT 933 loader, and a vision that would be brought to life by hard work, determination, and success. 

Today, H&K has evolved into a dynamic family of vertically integrated companies providing heavy civil construction and construction materials solutions to the Mid-Atlantic Region. Despite our current size, our competence, and the successes of the past five decades, we are forever connected and indebted to our roots, our history and the foundation upon which H&K was built. Knowing where we have been and what we came from has always been a hallmark of H&K’s traditions and its company pride.

Please join us as we take a brief look back at our corporate history. We know that once you do, you will understand both who we are today, and where H&K will be heading in the future. Enjoy! 


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