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dafabet casino bonus  has been an industry leader in the production of asphalt (blacktop) for over half a century. During this time, we strategically expanded our facility locations to presently include twenty (20) state-of-the-art asphalt facilities across eastern PA, NJ and DE. Combining our extensive construction aggregate experience with the best technology available in asphalt design and materials testing, we can produce virtually any asphalt mix design to meet a wide range of product specifications.

Asphalt is a versatile construction material that has a wide array of applications. Asphalt - also known as blacktop, bituminous asphalt concrete and hot mix asphalt - can be used as a cost-saving alternative to concrete. Once applied, most asphalt surfaces remain relatively “flexible” and can even be milled, recycled or reclaimed. Our asphalt applications have grown to include many types of commercial, industrial, and residential paving projects, as well as major reconstruction of municipal and state highways.

Because of bituminous asphalt’s tremendous versatility, extensive options exist for mix designs and product availability. Please allow H&K's five-plus decades of knowledge and experience in asphalt design and production assist you on your project. Also, all of our Materials Technicians are (NECEPT) certified and each of our materials facilities maintains State Department of Transportation (DOT) certifications, depending upon region or location.  

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