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dafabet casino bonus  is committed to preserving our environment through conservation of our limited natural resources. By recycling construction and building-type materials, we can effectively reduce the disposal of usable products into landfills, where space is extremely limited. As such, H&K owns and operates both Materials Recycling and direct acceptance and Reclamation Fill facilities throughout our operating footprint. These facilities all operate in accordance with Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PaDEP) rules and regulations, and we continuously strive to be environmental stewards in all of the communities that we serve.

The type of inbound/incoming construction or building material (product) reaching any H&K facility will ultimately dictate how, where or if it can be accepted by an H&K facility. Below represents a brief description of the material types that we currently accept:


H&K Group, Inc. accepts Construction and Demolition debris (C&D) at specific recycling facilities. C&D debris is material resulting from the demolition of a structure, in part or in whole or from excess construction materials. These materials can unnecessarily clog up our landfills, if they are not recycled, since much of this debris can be recycled. Our facilities carefully sort and separate recyclable materials, vastly reducing the amount C&D debris that ends up in our landfills.  These materials can include: brick, block, concrete, both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, asphalt singles and other building-type debris.

H&K’s Delaware Valley Recycling (DVR) facility in Philadelphia, PA has been the region’s go-to recycling center for C&D materials. Please contact our helpful sales staff at DVR today to discuss your C&D recycling options.


Asphalt pavement is currently the most widely recycled material in the United States today. In fact, according to the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA), Americans use nearly 73 million tons of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) each year, which nearly doubles the 40 million tons of paper, glass, aluminum and plastic recycled each year.

Broken asphalt chunks and millings are accepted at all H&K asphalt plant locations. These materials are then used in the production of new asphalt products. Including recycled materials such as RAP in our final products lessens our country’s reliance on foreign oil sources and keeps these materials out of landfills. 

For more information on RAP and asphalt millings, please contact your nearest H&K asphalt plant location.


H&K Group, Inc. accepts land clearing and grubbing debris at many of our construction materials locations. Land clearing and grubbing debris consist of stumps, brush, and other woody materials. H&K does not accept lumber wastes. The land clearing and grubbing debris are then processed at our mulching facilities and recycled into wood mulches and soil amendments.

For further information on inbound acceptance of land clearing and grubbing debris, please contact your nearest H&K construction materials location.


Used or recycled brick, once crushed or processed, has been deemed a deleterious material by PennDOT and will thus no longer certify as suitable road base material. Though not recommended for reuse, (non-painted) brick is still accepted at many of our Reclamation Fill locations.

Broken concrete or block is accepted at many of H&K construction materials facilities. Material without rebar or wire of manageable size is accepted at the lowest tipping fee. Larger material or material containing wire or rebar is also accepted, but at a higher fee. We strive to produce a high quality product that is economical and interchangeable with a quarried stone 2A material.


If you have selected an approved H&K Group, Inc. Reclamation Fill location for acceptance or disposal of any of the above products, you must complete a Reclamation Fill Source Information Form prior to importation of any material from a new source. For more information on brick acceptance, please contact your nearest approved Reclamation Fill location. 

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