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As an industry leader in the heavy civil construction marketplace, a large percentage of dafabet casino review regional project work involves the demolition and redevelopment of existing structures and infrastructure systems. These projects typically generate significant quantities of building materials including brick, block and concrete materials that must be removed to make way for new construction.

These materials, though previously used, can be effectively recycled, reused and repurposed when handled and processed properly. By handling these previously used building materials in this manner, we can provide a net benefit to our environment and our customers by creating valuable recycled products dafabet bonus code that can be readily repurposed for a variety of construction uses or applications.

Though H&K generates and/or backhauls these materials from many of its own demolition or construction projects, brick, block and concrete is also accepted as inbound product at many of our quarry locations. Once crushed and reprocessed, these materials make an extremely cost effective subbase material that is similar to quarried 2A stone. These recycled products, known in technical terms as Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA), are environmentally friendly and make a compactable base material under new surface treatment products including asphalt, concrete, segmental paving stones and driveways. 

If you wish to consider use of these recycled products, please contact the H&K Group, Inc. materials facility nearest you or contact our Materials Sales Team to discuss availability and pricing.

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